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The purpose of life is to find beautiful things and then share them. At least, that is what we believe here at the Masereel Group.

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STORY WITHOUT WORDS 60 WOODCUTS BY FRANS MASEREEL INTRODUCTION BY MAX BROD KURT WOLFF VERLAG / MÜNCHEN 1.-5. Thousand Printed in 1927 by the Bibliographisches Institut in Leipzig / cover drawing by Emil Preetorius / Printed in Germany / Copyright 1927 by Kurt Wolff Verlag A. G., Munich INTRODUCTION The story of a particularly brittle and angry girl was teased by Masereel, a fake cat, as this pretty, clean, but disreputable animal repeatedly shows symbolically in the sequence of images. So the story of a fake, nasty little animal - and it serves her quite right, the lady, that at the end she stands there naked in the rain and without an umbrella on top of that! But we can't be really angry with her. Not as bad as we must be to a Strindberg consecration (according to the poet's intention). The Masereel woman is treated with too much admiration and infatuation for that, by the woodcutter himself, w...

The Passion of Man 2020 Preface The Masereel Group is devoted to spreading the public domain works of this great artist. The text was first acquired and then scanned. Then it was cropped, rotated, balanced, contrasted, saturated, despeckled, noise-reductioned, and some manually touched up. This was followed by OCR scanning, manual proofreading, and translating into English. This book is in the public domain in the United States (because it was published before 1925), but it is not public domain in Europe (because its author died in 1972). But the Masereel Group is based in the United States, so everything within here is released under the Public Domain, and all content that is not allowed to be licensed under the Public Domain is released under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 3.0 License. UprisingEngineer, Masereel Group, September 20, 2020 25 Woodcuts by Frans Masereel Introduction by Kurt Wolff Muenche...



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